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BOPP Films

BOPP Films (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene Films) are thin films made by stretching them in both machine and transverse directions. This is done by heating the sheet to its softening point and then mechanically stretching it. The biaxial orientation gives the film improved stiffness, strength & clarity while also enhancing its barrier properties and impact resistance. Top FMCG brands prefer these films throughout the world due to their excellent properties like sealability, moisture barrier properties, high clarity, graphic reproduction and shelf appeal. It is highly versatile and is used in food packaging as co-extruded heat-sealable reverse printable film & labelling because of its yield benefit and recyclability. Its strong demand in the expanding flexible packaging industry is because of the huge number of advantages it offers, including:

Product Quality:- Its narrow gauge spread gives good yet consistent seal strength and integrity, low seal initiation temperature, broad sealing window and great machinability that makes it ideal for the food packaging industry.  

Improved Shelf Life:- BOPP films provide excellent oxygen and moisture barrier to the products which is a key factor in enhancing the shelf life & protecting food quality. 

Shelf Appeal:It has many variants with different levels of opacity. Whether you choose the transparent one for its appeal, opaque one for its gloss, or metalized one for a superior metallic look, each one has good surface tension and is superb for printing. They also support post lamination operations like foil stamping, UV spot coating and embossing to further help with the shelf appeal.

Density: - A unique property of BOPP films, its low density translates to less weight per roll for the same length as other plastic films. It also results in better yield during conversion. 

Sustainability:-  BOPP films have a relatively lower carbon footprint as compared to their counterparts. It is the second most preferred substrate (after cellulose) because of its eco-friendly nature. It consumes less energy to convert from one form to the other due to its low melting point. Reprocessed BOPP resin granules are later used to manufacture injection moulded parts and household items. 

Here are all variants & types of BOPP Films.

Packaging Films

  • Printing and Pouching Films
  • Barrier Films
  • Overwrap Films

Lamination Films

  • Pressure Sensitive Labelstock Films
  • Wrap Around Label Films
  • In Mould Label Films
  • Label Over Lamination Films

Industrial Films

  • Adhesive Tape Films
  • Textile Bag Films
  • Release Films
  • Synthetic Paper